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Towbar wholesaler

Are you looking for a wholesaler who specializes in towbars and braking parts? We are right there! Due to the fact that we deal in a few different fields, we are able to provide our customers with incomparably greater technical and theoretical support.

Since many years we have successfully dealt in the following fields:
– Automotive chain wholesalers
– Automotive local wholesalers
– Dealers and autohorized services
– Other automotive shops, including online shops
– Auto services
– Car mechanics
If you belong to any of the abovementioned groups then our offer is certainly directed to you!

Thousands of towbar models

We cooperate directly with greatest towbar manufacturers and importers. As we are towbar wholesaler, our prices for towbars and towbar accessories are really attractive. Thanks to cooperation with us, your company won’t need to invest lots of money in a big stock of towbars, which is expensive and takes a lot of space.
With regard to shipment options, we offer pallet and truck delivery. However, we also put a lot of emphasis on cooperation with individual customers to whom we send single parcels including towbars and electric kits via 24 hour courier company.

Flange towballs

Flange towballs may be particularly interesting for towbar manufacturers. Flange towballs are indispensable as far as production of towbars for delivery vans, off-road vehicles and SUV vehicles is concerned. Every year we deliver huge amounts of ‘long reach’ type of towballs to our customers. These are very popular towballs with two montage slots. They are signed with European homologation e6 and have the best parameters on the market: 3500 kg of load, vertical pressure of 350kg, force D = 20,17 kN. It is possible to order small amounts of flange towballs as well as full chests, which contain 570 or 816 pieces of towballs (or multiplicity of a given chest). But remember – the bigger amount you take, the more attractive the price is.

Sieger braking pads and discs

We are an exclusive distributor of Sieger braking parts. Sieger offers braking parts for cars and delivery trucks. Sieger provides braking solutions for over 95% of most popular cars on the automotive market. Sieger (the word dervies from German language and it means ‘winner’) is a make which combines high quality and reasonable prices. Here you may find the official webpage of Sieger make: www.siegerparts.com