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Online trade

Online shop – towbars

In our web shop www.sklepmartec.pl you may find towbars for cars and delivery vans. Our prices are very competitive and our professional staff will help you with choice of appropriate towbar, electric kit or any other product for your vehicle. You can also try out live chat on our web page to contact us. Westfalia, Autohak or Steinhof products are only some of the items that are available in our offer and that are suitable for most demanding customers who appreciate highest quality. Currently we are working on a new online shop with towbars and electric kits. We will certainly let you know when it is ready.

Online shop – braking parts

In our web shop www.sklepmartec.pl you may also find braking pads and braking discs. Braking parts are our main specialization. We offer a wide variety of braking parts for cars and delivery vans. One of the most important make as far as braking parts are concerned is Sieger – a new make on the market, whose official distributor in Poland is Martec company. High quality Sieger braking parts are frequently chosen by majority of drivers. For those who prefer to have well-known products, we have other braking parts manufacturers in our offer: Steinhof, Mikoda, Rotinger, Textar, Ate, Jurid, Icer and others.

Allegro and online sales

Many people associate online shopping with Allegro and that is why we are there as well. However, we do not treat Allegro as our main selling channel but rather as advertising opportunity. On our Allegro account MARTEC_PL you may find auctions devoted to braking parts, while on MARTEC_HAKI Allegro account you may find towbars, electric kits, towballs, bike carriers and other car accessories. We do not include all our products on Allegro, so if you are looking for something and you can’t find it there, please contact us. We have what you want for sure.